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Mexico City

(January 22, 2009)



(January 29, 2009)

Fajar-Thanks for the laugh! I've never seen Takeshi's name spelled that way. This site is great! Love seeing what you all are up to in each city. Take care and keep safe! PS. The pictures are awesome! Keep up the good work!!!

Fajar Siddiq

(January 27, 2009)

hey javier! hey Alan! i wish i can meet other duncan crew in Mexico! yeah! i saw a video takeshit doing spintop and 2A on facebook! coolness! can't wait can't wait!
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Hola, Amigos! Primero, una historia: Over 10 years ago, when Yomega and Bandai were on the top of their game, I was sent to Paris to help promote yo-yos in France. We were the American part of the army. THP sent the guys that would do press and Russell sent the guys to do the groundwork. There were guys from Brazil, Ireland, Hong Kong, South Korea and Mexico. One of the Mexicans I got to know was a man by the name of Isaac Kanareck. Good guy. He told me that I should come to Mexico City. Well, flash-forward over 10 years and here I am. The funny thing that kept things in a big circle is that Mexico City reminded me of Paris.
I am sure you do not believe me about that but it did. For one, it is not as bad as all the stories. I'm sure Isaac kept us in the good parts of town but generally I thought it was a great place. It was nothing like my previous experience of Mexico which was driving along the border and then through Tijuana and the tourist-trap hell-hole that is Rosarito. Turns out if you go to a place where normal people live normal lives, you get a pretty good situation. And the part that reminded me of Paris was the dense old buildings that made up the apartments and shops and this road that lead in to the big angel monument in the center of a round about. Taking that ride with Isaac made me think of driving in to the Champs Elysees in Paris.
The other way that it reminded me of Paris is that there seems to be no civil engineer behind it. Here in the states we're sued to cities being laid out with squares, rectangles, and 4 point intersections. Mexico and Paris are laid out with triangles, circles and 5 point intersections. And it's filed with millions of these little cars buzzing through the streets like swarming ants. I'm sure I'm just spoiled being from the land of the 10-lane highway, but I swear I would get lost in 3 blocks if I wasn't paying close attention. It happened in Paris (actually it only took 2 blocks in Paris).
And finally, it had a giant amazing old Catholic Church.

Turns out Mexico City has a really good yoyo scene. It's a younger scene than many places, as in most of the guys are in early high school or younger, but they're a fine lot. Instead of trying to list off everyone's name (for fear of misspelling or forgetting someone), I'll put up a picture:

Here's another one:

Okay that is Takeshi with Javier, half of Duncan Crew Mexico... and it's a pretty goofy shot. So here's a movie star shot of Javier:

And to keep things fair, here's a movie star shot of the other half of Duncan Crew Mexico, Alan:

The first day we were there we ran around the city with Javier, his brother Ajelandro(I hope I spelled that right, I never had it written down), their Dad, Javier, and Isaac. We went to the big angel . I forget the details of why it is there, but it's pretty famous and it is the logo of the Mexican Yo-yo Association that is on the side of the FH0 I've been playing with almost exclusively since Worlds. Free advice: track down Isaac through the website http://yo-yo.com.mx/ and get one.
Next we did the big Square in the middle of town. It has the giant flag and flag pole that is in most shots of Mexico City. We hung out and yo-yoed and Javier drew a crowd. I'm sure part of it was all of us playing and part of it was all of them playing with Isaac and I shooting photos like they were celebrities.
Afterwards we headed to Parque Mexico, the park where they all meet every Saturday. The whole gang (as far as I could tell) made it. We hung out until it was dark and we had to go get food. We held the first Mexican yoyo Knife-fight contest. Those kids are vicious! You'll have to wait for the video. I was refereeing it (if you can call it that) so I didn't take pictures. I won't ruin it by telling you who won. All I'll say is that I'm pleasantly surprised there was no blood.
For those of you who don't know, a yo-yo knife-fight is where 2 guys lock left hands (like the video for Michael Jackson's Beat It) and each has to try to throw a trapeze over their arm and get it back to their hand with the other arm. This wouldn't be hard, except that the other guy is pushing and pulling you in the process. These guys might have been more vicious than when we had knife-fights in Malaysia on the Samurai Tour.
The next day Takeshi, Javier, Alejandro, Paul (another amazing player that you should look out for this year at Worlds), Isaac and I did a school demo. I wasn't sure how much the kids were paying attention during the demo because it was their lunch break and they seems to waffle between caring and talking amongst themselves. But when the demo ended and they all swamped Takeshi and Paul for autographs, I was sure they were paying attention. At first I figured it was just that Paul and Takeshi were the last ones in the demo but once things calmed down they were asking for Javier's autograph and they probably would've asked for Ajelandro's but he was off playing.
We returned to Parque Mexico for another round of hang out and throw until the sun goes away and you have to eat.

The first night we got in Takeshi and I were plane-beaten. So Isaac took us out for real Mexican food and said that he place we were at had amazing chocolate cake. But they were out. Then the next day we went out for dinner and churros, but they were out of churros. You have to have churros in Mexico! So this night we drove all the way across the city to a place called "El Dorado, Retaurante y churros". It's right there on the sign! Third time was the charm. Greatest churros I can remember. (Note: I also had the best horchata ever at a food court not far from the park).
The hardcore gang all made it and I think we might've closed the place down. Takeshi was at one end of a snaking long table with his Isaac, Javier, Ajeladro, Paul, James (Master! Master! Master of Strings!), and Takeshi's new best friend , Alexandro. I was at the other end of the table with Omar and the grown-ups doing boring things like talking politics, folding origami cranes for Alexandro's sister and calculating with Omar's GPS how far we had driven to get there. Turns out it was 8.5 km (5.3 miles) from the park to the land of the ultimate churro, but it took us almost an hour to get there. I didn't believe him until I read the read out myself. I could've ridden my bike faster than putting up with Mexico City traffic- Hell, if I had better shoes I could've jogged it!". But that seemed to be the metaphor for the Mexico City yo-yo scene: it's a lot closer than you think, totally worth the trip and the traffic is the worst part.
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