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Sao Paulo

(January 29, 2009)



(February 8, 2009)

I almost forgot:<a href=" http://flickr.com/photos/red_dxl/sets/72157613159741689/">http://flickr.com/photos/red_dxl/sets/72157613159741689/</a>
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What can you say about Sao Paulo? It is what we wish yo-yoing was everywhere. Yoyoing in Brazil sprang up after modern yoyoing had solidified into what it is now. In the USA, yoyoing has this history of being a toy. In Japan it has ties to very serious and overly practiced THP Hyper-yoyo programs. All of that came and went and then the Brazilians got ahold of it. As a result (and thanks to the guys who built the yoyo scene down there) the yoyo scene in South America's largest country is amazing. I've made the effort to get down there for 3 years in a row now and I never regret it.
Actually, I am going to stop here. I am not going to write a post about Sao Paulo. Instead I will only post pictures to tell the tale of our time in SP.
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