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(February 6, 2009)


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First off look who joined the tour today:

DIMI! The man, the myth, the legend. Met up with us here in Europe. The funny thing about this is that he lives in Malaysia (If you don't know where that is, look it up), and we brought him to Northern Europe! Ha!!! Sucker!

But that's not why we are in Europe....

Toy Fair! Turns out the Nurnberg Toy fair is multiple times bigger than the NY Toy Fair. It's pretty huge. Here is all I have to say about the toy fair:

Mike and Jack have to do that for 6 days. The other guys in that picture are (right to left) Peter, Korda and Jumper. Here's another picture of Peter:

He earned a second photo because he is the newest member of Duncan Crew WorldWide... Duncan Crew Czech Republic to be more precise. But you'll see more pictures of those guys when we get to Prague. Spoiler: I heart DCC.

But it wasn't all pimping.

And we had the largest clash of the Titans ever to collide in the yo-yo world: Jack Ringca vs. Dimi in a Pose-off! As in who could cap a trick with the most powerful Pose. You'll have to wait for the video

And a 50 year old drama queen turned to viral street marketing...
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