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(February 8, 2009)


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As you may have noticed the updates to this website started out pretty on-time and well written. Then they got less frequent and more based on the pictures. Well that's because it turns out that there is a lot of crew to video, a lot of people to hang out with and a lot of amazing places to visit and hi-def, tapeless cameras take a while to offload. And things really kicked-in in Prague.

The crew kicks --butt--.

The people are the greatest.

The place is amazing.

And we shot a lot of footage.

Here's something I didn't really think about regarding European history: Between the First World War, World War 2(: The Sequel), the Spanish Civil War and a few others, most cities in Western Europe were blown-up at one point or another during the last century. Then Soviet Communism came through and ran-down most of Eastern Europe. Prague was basically the only major European city that avoided major fighting and was able to dodge the U.S.S.R.'s economy. As a result it was not destroyed at some point within the last hundred years. So it leads Europe in old cool architecture. When people say that Prague is old and beautiful they aren't just being impressed with some cool city that doesn't often appear on stereotypical postcard collections of Europe, it really is old and amazing for reasons that come out of recent history.

Here Korda and Tomas get in touch with Prague cultural heritage by improving a statue dedicated to the writer Franz Kafka. We were trying to throw an counterweight on to his finger but it is at a really awkward angle and the banging of the yoyo against a brass statue attracted the attention of a Kafka fan who reprimanded us for it. I waved him off but I think he hexed us.

And apart from places to be, the people are good folk. They held a city-wide contest and a whole bunch of players showed. That place has an amazing yoyo scene. I felt like I would hang out with everyone that showed up.

And again, I'm writing this at 1:50 in the morning in a hotel room in the Philippines, getting over a cough that I got in Hong Kong (I'm pretty sure it's not SARS or bird Flu or something). So you don't get long drawn out wordy descriptions you get it in pictures:


Okay, as much as I thought I'd get away without writing, I think I'll have to give some explanations here:
1) The top picture is Takeshi and Pac. Pac is out of Berlin and came down for the weekend. Takeshi met Pac at Italian Nats last year and in Nurnberg was telling me that Pac is one of the funniest, most awesome people ever. Then later on the subway in Nurnberg he says to Dimi, "You'll get to meet Pac in Prague. You'll love him. He's like the German Dimi." And Dimi was almost a little defensive about this. (perhaps there can be only one). But yet it wasn't 3 days... hell, it took about 3 minutes before they were best friends.

2)Hungary showed up. But we'll get to them later.

3)Dramatic photo of the winner before his final match-up. The contest was a bracket-style competition.

4)After the final bought.

5)The other thing that makes Prague awesome.

6) Yoyo Factory had players there too. (Note that I put this pic up in good fun. I heart those guys).

Peter, the newest member of Duncan Crew got his shirt after Mexican in Prague.

That's right I am continuing my search for Mexican food done well outside of Mexico or the bottom half of the USA. Unfortunately the Czech Republic ranked somewhere between Argentina and Finland. Sorry guys. In the immortal words of the legendary Bill Liebowitz, "It's good food. It's just not good Mexican food."

Here we have a picture for Doc Pop, the other guys up in San Francisco and my friends in LA.

and a final moment of Zen for the Brazilians

PS- The guy in the main photo is Ondra. The point man for Duncan Crew Czech. I love that guy. Dimi described him as the best looking guy in yoyoing and he's going to be a doctor. So I'm putting up a picture where you can't see his face so all the ladies don't start sending him emails and make his girlfriend jealous. His girlfriend, by the way, is the really hot gal second from the right in the picture with Dimi above. She's like a dancer and a lawyer. Those two are awesome; it's like Captain America and Wonder Woman... in Central Europe... hanging around a yoyo contest.

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