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(February 11, 2009)


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HUNGARY!!!! Go Central Europe! As we said last time, The Hungary gang actually met us in Prague. So we'd been hanging out with them for a couple days before we even took the bus trip across Slovakia to get to the land of the Hungarians.

Here are the Hungary crew... well, 4 out of 5 members of it. From the left you have Gergo, Gergely, Daniel, and Bence (Missing: Tamas). We spent the whole time hanging out with these guys. Well, we spent the whole time with one of them or the other.

First there was Daniel. He's old and responsible and he mods yoyos. He hooked Takeshi up so Takeshi had him sign it to prove it was a genuine Hungary custom job.

Well, Daniel was the old responsible one compared to the rest of them (not compared to me). He was studying for a big business school test and we wouldn't let him slack off. That was what we had Gergely for.

Here are a couple things I learned about the city of Budapest:
First it is in fact 2 cities on either side of the Danube river that either grew or were pushed together into one city. Guess what their names are.

We spent all of our time in Buda because everyone said it was cooler than Pest. Of course we didn't hang out with too many people from the other side of the river. Maybe they would tell us differently.

Hungarians have really big words. I don't even remember how this came up but we had to have Bence write it out for us. It is in fact the longest word in the Hungarian language.

Next: Hungarians don't think that any 2 points in their city are far away from each other. No matter where we went the guys would say, "Oh, it's near by." Then we would walk.... then get on a bus... then get off the bus and get on the subway.... then get off the subway and walk... then get on another bus... then walk... then Pow! A pizza joint or juggling shop or wherever we were going. It was funny.

One of those quests ended at a meet in the upstairs of the Reflex Shop. Here Gergo teams up with ex-patriot Dana Bennette for the low-offstring contest we had. Yeah... they won.

And here is freakin' everyone!

And here's what happens when you leave the string up and a bunch of yo-yo guys see what they can do with it.

It does not matter what country you live in. Yo-yo people are the same everywhere. For example an American, Malay and Hungarian will all be totally into the same bizarre things, like racing Hyabusas on ice slicks.

I won't embarrass Daniel by saying how awesome his mom, sister and brother were, but... well, even THEY WERE AWESOME. We all left Hungary with much love for everyone there... and their d@^$&$ed cash that no money changer in Asia or the US will take.

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