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Takeshi Kamisato



(March 4, 2012)

Can i join th DUNCANï¼ I have played the yoyo for two years and i am from Chinaï¼


(March 4, 2012)

I am a yoyoplayer from Chine and I have played the yoyo for two years,Can I join the DUNCANï¼


(February 26, 2009)

I was really shocked to see them in person!! we hope to see you guys again here in the Philippines!! mad love duncan!! (^_^)b


(January 29, 2009)

To the Yo-Yo community...Thanks for taking such good care of my little brother!


(January 20, 2009)

Hey! cant realy wait fot you to come over man! You my super hero!!!!


(January 13, 2009)

A Takeshi should be fed 3 times a day with rice and meat only. Vegetables make his hair fall off.


(January 6, 2009)

why dont come to Venezuela we have here the Venezuelan yoyo asociation since 2007 :___( we want to meet you all....

Fajar Siddiq

(January 5, 2009)

DUDE! i see you soon! its gonna be the first time. =D haha. takeshi = one of the best yoyo modder of all yoyo history in man-kind. One of the most inspiring yoyo players i ever met who is so much talented in whatever he does with passion. BROTHER!, I SEE YOU SOON! =D

Bence Kormendi

(January 5, 2009)

I'm happy, because we'll can meet. Unfortunately, we didn't meet in Orlando, just with Mark. So it will be AWESOME!


(January 5, 2009)

Hope I can go to Malaysia and singapore for this event... and meet with you Takeshi!!!!


(January 4, 2009)

I want to meet Takashi!!! <3


(January 3, 2009)

I heart Takeshi... and that's good becasue I'll be spending a lot of time with him.
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Few players have contributed more to the yo-yo community and in so many ways as The Man, Takeshi Kamisato. Born in Wahiawa, Hawaii (take the H2, Exit 8) he started throwing a yo-yo in early 2001 and over the years he has brought his unique genius to every facet of the yo-yo world. His yo-yo modifications have sent yo-yo design in new directions. His tricks are some of the most unique and most difficult ever created. Churning out fast-paced high-energy clip videos, his signature style of video making has raised the bar. His latest DVD production, A New Level, is an advanced yo-yo tutorial video that also captures the positive energy of the Duncan Crew. Along with Takeshi’s mad yo-yo skills, he is also one of the worlds best spintop players. A juggernaut in the skill toy world, Takeshi has done demonstrations across the United States, Brazil and was part of Duncan’s Viking Tour in 2004. A skateboarder for more than 20 years, Takeshi uses his job as a demonstrator and filmmaker to travel the world and skate. Often accused of being the nicest guy in the yo-yo community, his passion for life is infectious.
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